Hiding the Truth with Concision


What if your media organisation made you cram a complex topic in to 10 minutes, would you leave your audience in the dark?”

Jen Copestake and Simon Hancock are journalists for BBC Click and they came to visit us at the Bitcoin Squat in London this week to interview Dark Wallet developer Amir Taaki and Bitcoin developer Peter Todd. I was fortunate enough to be around for the interview and thought I would share my experiences now that the video has been edited broadcast.

Of particular interest is their use of something in the media known as concision. Trying to explore complex topics in a very narrow time frame which often leads to their audience being mislead. In this video we begin to delve in to the dark arts of big media organisations with massive viewing figures to see how they manipulate the truth by leaving a lot of material in the dark rooms of the editing suit.

Key links include

This blog post with video available world wide:

Hiding currency in the Dark Wallet

Full Episode on BBC iPlayer restricted in certain regions

See video description on Youtube for more details.

A full copy of this video is available on BitTorrent: