Hitler reacts to SOPA/PIPA

I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to educate people on the SOPA bill in order to raise awareness of the issue, especially here in the UK. It is being seen too much as American problem . I am great advocate of building on the work of other people which means that where possible I try to find out if someone has said better something that I want to say myself. I found this video via the Guardian blog; perfect.

Here are some great lines:

[The internet] was supposed to be a vast network of infinite human knowledge, expression and creativity.

You don’t get to destroy the Internet because it doesn’t fit your business model!

Congress wants to cripple the only medium that’s consistently creating jobs and growth.

Piracy is a service problem. The way to defeat piracy is to provide a better service than the pirates.

And my personal favourite:

Don’t cry, Disney owns the rights to that emotion.

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Footage from The Downfall (2004), Copyright © 2004 Constantin Film AG, portions published under Fair Use, Title 17, U.S.C., Section 107.