Chris Before Coffee – A Legal Fiction


The main thrust of today’s show is the question of the legal fiction that is the corporation, the corpus of private individuals agreeing on sequence of events in the future. I wrote on /r/WorldCryptoNetwork before the show that whether we’re talking about Russia, Starbucks or an organised religion essentially it all boils down to the same thing: just a group of people agreeing to a sequence of events.

In order for a corporation to survive it has to make more than it spends. It’s principle activities involve making money, saving money and increasing awareness (marketing). Many modern governments today are dying businesses with broken revenue models.

A tribe of humans select one another and then try to sell a product or service to a group of outsiders for more than they bought it for.

We discuss this and more with my regular guest Nick (@PieRebel) and today by Theo (@BitcoinPotato)

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