Do Altcoins Help or Hinder the Bitcoin Ecosystem?


In this episode we debate the value of alternative cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin & Feathercoin and ask whether they have a positive impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem.

I am joined by Y.T. Jim and Will from Lemma Technology group, David Gilson from the Hullcoin project,  CryptoCamel an Altcoin day trader, Josh Walker a mathematician and game theorist and fellow co-host Thomas Hunt (MadBitcoins).

This episode was brought about by Y.T. following her tweet the day before:



She is addressing some comments made on the Bitcoin Group between with Kristov Atlas and me a few days before. I expressed concern at the use of the famous ‘moon meme’ used by the Dogecoin development team which may have led to an abuse of expectations in the market. It is hard to stay relevant when you chase after novelty and make yourself a slave to the trends although on balance I do believe that Dogecoin and Jackson Palmer have had a net positive impact on the cryptocurrency space as a whole in terms of how he has brought this technology to a wider audience.

Some of the items we covered include Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon and in particular you should checkout at Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish you can read a good summary of it on Sparknotes and Partially Examined Life did a great podcast on him on Episode 49: Foucault on Power and Punishment.

Bitcoin Talk Show #10

In this episode of the Bitcoin Talk Show we cover transhumanism and the agenda behind  companies like Google, Facebook and the NSA who are controlling all of our personal data. In the second hour we cover the Amsterdam Bitcoin Conference 2014 which starts at 1:11:00.