This site is a work in progress

Dear Friends,

This site has been a struggle. It’s challenged me to think about who I am as a person which is of particular contention to me; always has been. And I’d really like your feedback on where I am going with it.

Take a look at the image above, this is where I want to go. I want it to be ‘earthy’ I want it to be enjoyed on mobile device like an iPad. I want this blog to be “Best read in a garden”. Or maybe a park. I want it to be a pleasure to look at.

But not at the expense of legibility. Can you read it okay?

I am going to get a business card made on a paper stock that looks like this, in fact the design of this site was heavily influenced by this. So I will get it made on the same stock.

A few thinks explained:

I don’t like boundaries, or rather I don’t like fixed ones. That’s why there is a lack of boxes on this site.

Blue and brown has long been a favourite colour combination. The blue reflects the cold corporate, the corpus, collection of bodies, many people making up one body. The brown represents the earth, from which we come from. Human means ‘of the earth’ from the latin humus.[1]

The bar along the top is at a slant, that’s not your eyes. I like¬†asymmetry, everything loses its symmetry when you change your point of view.

Please leave comments in the comment section or email me. Tell me how easy it is to read. Do you think it’s over the top?



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  1. Online Etymology Dictionary
  • Anonymous

    Right on. Looking good.

    • Nate

      I love how you reply to your own post! its the first sign of madness, you know this right?

      • Anonymous

        Really? I thought it was replying to you!