World Citizenship Project Features in Wired Magazine

I was fortunate enough to have the World Citizen project featured in Wired magazine. It was Robert McMillan who approached me, I had no idea it would be so interesting to a magazine that big as when I first put it up on GitHub it was just a pet project I wanted feedback on after the solution for the idea first struck me live on air in an interview with Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof on the WCN.


“The first and most pressing problem with this being accepted, is that no one will ever believe an id that contains comic sans” ~ @tedleyheaven in the comments

I’m with Tedley, who would have thought a passport using Comic Sans MS would have caught so much attention? And I am very pleased with all the intelligent critical minds who joined the Issues Section on the GitHub after the article ran, clearly I have been met with an idea that was on other people’s minds too as there are many others who are working on this problem:

It also got featured in Crypto Coins News in an article by Drew Cordell who described me as a developer and while I am very flattered to be given a title like that I am not a developer in the sense that I spent way too much of my time on Stack Overflow learning my way through concepts that people much smarter than me can get through day to day. But it’s been good to see a lot of real coders take this idea seriously and help me explore its potential.

This is the first prototype design made by Richard Scott of our first ever Citizen Janina Lowisz:


BitNation was the first organisation to fork the project and host a meet-up


Within days of me releasing the idea someone had ran with it. We hosted the event on World Crypto Network. It really felt very special and now I am looking forward to taking more feedback and developing the idea so that anyone in the world can start granting citizenship.